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  • January3rd

    Learned some new Aperture & PS skillzzz today. I had been messing around with tinting in Aperture for awhile, but I finally realized I should really learn about curves.

  • November5th

    That was definitely not the gap I intended between entries and completion of this site. Life got busy! Posts soon to come of Bekki & Jay’s Wedding, Michigan Trip 2010, Halloween 2010, and a project I worked on for the Uptown Yonge BIA this summer. The end! For now…

  • July24th

    I was hanging outside with Brodie when Maisie took a trip down from the balcony to come visit. Only he just stared at us from a tree with super creepy eyes, ready to pounce on Brodie if he came too close! My cat is scary man.
    Brodie McGodie
    Brodie McGodie
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  • July18th

    Cottage! Good times. Got to test out my new wide angle Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 10-22mm which is a sweet, sweet lens. Love the distortion you can create in the humans. Here are some photes!

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